Liquisens raises 300,000 euros for legionella preventive monitoring

Antwerp – March 22, 2022. Liquisens develops solutions for better and more cost-effective risk management of legionella in sanitary installations and cooling towers. The solution is based on IoT sensors and smart algorithms.

Legionella bacteria can cause severe pneumonia by inhaling very small water droplets. For high-risk facilities, such as swimming pools, government buildings, facility buildings and certain types of cooling towers, there is a legal requirement to develop a management plan.

Controlling legionella is not only a microbiological but certainly a technical challenge. To prevent outbreaks, it is important to understand how water systems work. By placing IoT sensors at supply and consumption points, we can better assess the risk of legionella.

Smart monitoring enables high-risk facilities (residential care centers, hotels, hospitals, etc.) and companies to use AI and machine learning to make legionella control not only more cost-effective but also better for the environment.

Thanks to VLAIO, Liquisens received a grant of 123,000 euros for the further development of the algorithms. In addition, Liquisens’ equity is being increased by 175,000 euros thanks to the entry of two smart investors.

Steven De Schrijver (CEO Liquisens): “Thanks to a Vlakwa Open Call project, we were able to demonstrate the potential for the preventive monitoring of legionella through several demonstration projects. We were guided in this by WTCB and UAntwerpen. From May 2022, the solution will be commercially available.”

Besides developing preventive monitoring of legionella, Liquisens is committed to broader solutions around water quality monitoring. Liquisens’ strength is combining knowledge in the water domain, gathering data and applying AI.

CEO Steven De Schrijver combines great expertise around water quality with an innovative vision for the sustainable use of water as the former operational director of water-link. COO Erik Dehaen has extensive experience with data processing and systems integration and completed a successful exit from his IT company Roots Software in 2018. With Ivan Lobato, Liquisens brought in a world-class expert on data modeling and neural networks.