Smart legionella prevention

What do we do?

Do you want to prevent legionella more effectively and efficiently? Liquisens monitors your water quality in real-time and provides targeted advice for smarter legionella prevention and control. The result?

For whom?

Inhalation of small water droplets contaminated with legionella can cause the serious disease legionellosis. This is why many organizations are obliged to invest in legionella prevention: hospitals and residential care centers, swimming pools and sports complexes, hotels and vacation parks, companies with cooling towers, etc. Liquisens helps these companies and organizations to manage legionella smartly.

How does Liquisens' legionella prevention work?


We work with existing monitoring or with our own IoT solution for monitoring water quality. Depending on the application, we also monitor other parameters (e.g. weather conditions).


We developed technology to quickly gain qualitative predictive insights for your specific water system. Thanks to our feedback loop, we periodically optimize the predictive algorithm.


We report deviations via WhatsApp or email. We provide you with periodic reports with opportunities for optimization.


We will help you with advice as well as give you some quality solutions to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Water quality monitoring

We monitor important parameters for your water quality such as temperature, consumption, EC and, if relevant, pH and ORP. Real-time data transmission is done to the Liquisens data platform, where learning algorithms are used for data processing and analysis.

Through digital sensors, we measure important parameters for your water quality such as temperature, flow rate, electrical conductivity, acidity and Oxidation-Reduction Potential. Real-time data transmission is done to the Liquisens data platform, where learning algorithms are used for data processing and analysis. Our sensors are small, energy-efficient and require no WiFi or cabling, allowing them to operate completely autonomously for more than 1 year. Thus, we reduce the cost of ownership for your business or organization. Moreover, our platform is sensor agnostic. So we can also work with already available sensors.

Providing insights and analysis

The analyzed data is displayed on a clear and user-friendly dashboard. This gives you insight into the measured values and the risk of the presence of legionella bacteria in your sanitary installation or cooling tower.

Our dashboard tool is included in your subscription. You get access to your organization’s dashboard via a standard web browser. No hassle with applications; you log in easily with your username and password. Do you prefer to work with your own dashboard(s)? Then we can integrate our data via an API.


In addition to your dashboard, you also get an operational overview per location and a quarterly overview. This allows you to easily demonstrate in an audit that your legionella prevention complies with regulations. Any laboratory analyses are integrated into this.

Does action need to be taken to ensure your legionella prevention? Then you will receive timely warnings and advice on the specific steps to be taken via your dashboard. You will also receive an e-mail notification for important events.

Provide solutions

Do our algorithms detect a high-risk event? Then you will receive concrete advice for flushing your sanitary installation or disinfecting your cooling tower. If necessary, we also take a sample that we analyze with a flow cytometer or send it to an accredited lab. If you cannot solve the problems yourself, we will refer you to the right partner. For structural problems in your installation, we provide sustainable solutions, such as disinfection with UV-C LED, which kills off 99.999% of the bacteria present.