Who are we?

Board of Directors

Liquisens - Over ons - foto Jeff de Kleijn

Jeff de Kleijn

Executive president

Jeff has extensive experience as a top executive at international companies, including over 15 years of cross-cultural leadership experience in Asia. He has a strong track record with building effective organizations in the global digital technology and technology services sectors. He facilitates the growth of Liquisens through a proper focus on successfully executing significant business and organizational changes.

Liquisens Over ons Kurt Keirsmakers

Kurt Keirsmakers

Kurt serves on several Boards of Directors with strong experience in the hospital and healthcare industries. His skills are particularly in the areas of non-profit organizations, budgeting and operational management.

Liquisens - Over ons - foto Frank De clercq

Frank De clerq

Frank has extensive experience in business development in the energy and water sector. His main focus today is on data and digitalization.

Liquisens - Over ons - foto Kurt Janssens

Kurt Janssens

Kurt has 30 years of experience in Finance, gained in a wide range of positions, in the financial industry, with American multinationals and Belgian startups. He is specialized in fundraising, mergers & acquisitions, financial planning, management reporting and tight cost control.

Management team

Liquisens - Over ons - Steven De Schrijver

Steven De Schrijver

CEO & co-founder
Steven combines 20 years of practical experience around water quality with experience around digitizing business processes as the former COO of the water company Water-link. With an innovative mindset, he focused on process optimization before the start-up of Liquisens. Thus, he gained experience with IoT applications and mass data.
Liquisens - Over ons - foto Guillaume Hert

Guillaume Hert

Business Development

Guillaume has 25 years of experience in business development at international SaaS companies. In 2013, he was also involved for several years in a startup betting on air quality monitoring. He has also taken up a mandate as coordinator at French Tech, with the ambition of accelerating the scaling up of promising startups in the Grand-Est region.

Liquisens - Over ons - foto Ivan Lobato

Ivan Lobato

Data scientist

Ivan works on multidimensional data processing and machine learning and will develop methodologies for accurate modeling of complex (water) systems through data analysis. In addition to his commitment to Liquisens, he is also affiliated with the Rosalind Franklin Institute in Oxford, UK.

Liquisens - Over ons - foto Erik Dehaen

Erik Dehaen

Data integration & co-founder

For 21 years, Erik was the founder of the IT company Roots Software, which he handed over to his nephew Koen in 2018. Since then, Erik has focused on successfully implementing data integration projects within organizations.

The founder story

Founding Liquisens

After years of experience in water analysis in the food and environmental sectors and at Water-link, Steven de Schrijver founded Liquisens with Erik Dehaen. They discovered that there was a great need among customers for an end-to-end solution for monitoring, analyzing and improving their water quality. They developed applications that use smart sensors and algorithms. That way, Liquisens can also work preventively. Thanks to the huge evolution of IoT and neural networks, this can be done in a cost-effective way.

Successful projects in various sectors

Liquisens’ approach proved a great success: numerous projects in various sectors soon followed. Steven’s extensive practical experience comes in handy. He started his career in the family business in the food and environmental sector, where very high standards of water quality apply. Accurate measurements and analyses are crucial there, and deviations in water quality have a major impact. Steven has more than 20 years of experience and knows the practice inside out. He understands better than anyone the water problems companies can face.

Professional team with extensive knowledge and expertise

He took that knowledge with him to Liquisens, where he joined forces with Erik Dehaen. Erik earned his stripes mainly in the field of data integration and analysis. Together, they form the golden basis of a professional team that has continued to expand to its current composition. Each has his own expertise, which means that customized solutions can now be developed for each customer.

Growth and future

Liquisens’ growth resulted in a logical next step. In December 2023, a new board and management team were established to guide Liquisens to the next phase: the shift to scalable solutions based on a solid organizational structure.

Also in the future, Liquisens continues to innovate and we are always looking for new cutting-edge technologies to serve customers in the best possible way.

Mission and vision

Liquisens wants to help companies and organizations manage their water systems more effectively and efficiently by monitoring water quality. We do this through innovative technology such as smart sensors and artificial intelligence models.

In this way, Liquisens aims to help its customers save and improve their water quality, as well as make a positive impact on our planet.

Satisfied customers

Sustainability and CSR

Quality usable water is very scarce. That is why Liquisens is always looking for the ideal balance between risk management and sustainability. Our services and projects not only increase water quality for the user but also have a positive impact on the environment.

For example, our smart legionella prevention helps companies deal with legionella effectively while using fewer chemicals and/or avoiding unnecessary flushing. A win-win for customers and the environment.