Improve your water quality and save costs with smart monitoring and artificial intelligence

Are you looking for an end-to-end solution for monitoring, analyzing and improving your water quality? And do you want to make your water management as efficient as possible to save costs?

Liquisens developed applications for various sectors that allow you to prevent pathogens and bacteria, such as legionella, E.coli and blue-green algae. We make predictions and intervene preventively, thanks to our advanced technology and the power of IoT and algorithms.

Our applications are also suitable for real-time monitoring to ensure compliance with strict hygiene standards in food production. They also help companies and organizations save costs by preventing unnecessary use of chemicals and optimizing water management. Thus, our technology contributes to a sustainable and healthier future.

Our approach

Do you want to manage your water more effectively and efficiently? Here’s how we do it:


Water quality monitoring

We work with existing monitoring or with our own IoT solution for monitoring water quality. Depending on the application, we also monitor other parameters (e.g. weather conditions).

Setting up predictive monitoring

We developed technology to quickly gain qualitative predictive insights for your specific water system. Thanks to our feedback loop, we periodically optimize the predictive algorithm.


Reports and notifications

We report deviations via WhatsApp or email. We provide you with periodic reports with opportunities for optimization.


Problem solving

We will help you with advice as well as give you some quality solutions to fix the problem as soon as possible.