WELL certification water service pack

What do we do?

Building users are finding it increasingly important to be able to live and work in a healthy environment. With WELL certification, you can demonstrate that you meet certain well-being and health criteria. Liquisens helps you meet these criteria for the water aspect for the entire lifetime of your building.

For whom?

Health and well-being are becoming an increasingly high priority in our society. Since we spend much of our lives in buildings, this trend can be seen there as well. In addition to sustainable materials and low energy consumption, the focus is increasingly on applications that improve the health and comfort of users.

WELL certification helps promote a holistic approach to well-being in the built environment. As such, it is relevant to a wide range of stakeholders involved in the development, design, construction and use of buildings.

How does it work?


We test the drinking water for turbidity and coliforms. We also check that it does not exceed standards for the presence of organic matter and pesticides.


All actions and their effects are documented in a digital logbook. This registration is automatic and does not require manual action, saving you management costs.


If there is a deviation in the values, you will be alerted and we will let you know what action to take.


We will help you with advice as well as give you some quality solutions to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Water quality monitoring

Depending on your building portfolio, Liquisens installs plug-and-ply sensors that monitor water quality at critical points. Depending on your ambitions, we provide solutions for one or more of the criteria below:

  • We monitor drinking water quality in real time
  • We link our real-time monitoring with mandatory offline lab analyses
  • We facilitate the promotion of tap water

Providing insights and analysis

You get a clear and concise report of chemical and biological water quality. With these insights, you can improve your water quality. In the digital logbook, all actions and their effects are automatically documented. The logbook is included in your subscription and accessible via a standard web browser.


With our application, you can demonstrate that you meet the water quality criteria of WELL certification. Besides monitoring your water quality, WELL also encourages you to make your building users aware of the positive effects of drinking water. We help you promote drinking water for good hydration and health.

Provide solutions

Do we detect an abnormality in your water quality? Then you’ll get concrete advice on what steps to take. If you can’t solve the problems yourself, we’ll refer you to the right partner.