Management of cooling towers

Do you want to prevent a legionella outbreak in your cooling tower?

Do you want to prevent a legionella outbreak in your cooling tower? Then it is best to take extra measures in addition to your standard legionella management plan. It can happen that you are still confronted with an outbreak when the process or weather conditions change. Liquisens can use new technologies to intervene in advance to prevent an outbreak.

For whom?

Inhalation of small water droplets contaminated with legionella can cause the serious disease legionellosis. Outbreaks of legionella in cooling towers pose a risk to the health of employees and local residents. They have a major impact on the company’s image. Moreover, the costs of returning the situation to normal are high. Therefore, companies with cooling towers need to focus on legionella prevention.

How does legionella prevention work for cooling towers?


We develop an algorithm that predicts the probability of the presence of Legionella pneumophila. We use available SCADA data as input, or we provide the necessary water quality monitoring.


A handy dashboard gives you insight into the risk of legionella. We can also integrate this data into existing dashboards. Moreover, we provide the possibility of running the predictive algorithm on your datalake.


We report deviations via WhatsApp or email. We provide you with periodic reports with opportunities for optimization.


We will help you with advice as well as give you some quality solutions to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Water quality monitoring

Through thorough data analysis, we determine which available SCADA parameters impact the presence of Legionella pneumophila. If no real-time data is available, we provide the necessary water quality measurements ourselves.

Providing insights and analysis

Our user-friendly dashboard gives you insight into the measured values and the risk of the presence of legionella bacteria in your cooling tower. We also analyze which specific connections there are between the presence of legionella and the process parameters. In addition, we provide insight into how the management of your cooling tower can be further optimized.

You access your organization’s dashboard through a standard Web browser and log in from there with your username and password.

Prefer not to share your data? Then we provide the necessary tools to run the predictive algorithm on the company-specific data platform.


In addition to your dashboard, you also get an operational overview per location and a quarterly overview. This allows you to easily demonstrate in an audit that your legionella prevention complies with regulations. Any laboratory analyses are integrated into this. We document all steps taken so that reporting to control and audit bodies is easy.

Does action need to be taken to ensure your legionella prevention? Then you will receive a timely warning and advice on the concrete steps to follow via your dashboard. For important events, you will also receive an e-mail notification.

Provide solutions

Do our algorithms detect a high-risk event?Then you get concrete advice for disinfecting your cooling tower. Liquisens uses high-quality rqmicro rapid tests based on immunomagnetic separation and flow cytometry. This allows us to assess the effectiveness of a dose within 2 hours of disinfection. If you cannot solve the problems yourself, we will refer you to the right partner.