Preventive blue-green algae plan

Are you a manager of open (swimming) water?

Then you should best anticipate the possible growth of blue-green algae to avoid a recreational ban. How? With the Liquisens preventive blue-green algae plan.

For whom?

If there is little or no flow on a watercourse or pond, there is a chance that cyanobacteria or blue-green algae will begin to grow in warm weather. They form a blue-green, sometimes reddish-brown, oily layer on the water and pose health risks to humans and animals.

Liquisens helps organizations control and prevent blue-green algae growth.

How does Liquisens' preventive algae plan work?


We monitor important parameters for your water quality such as temperature, pH, conductivity and redox potential.


A handy dashboard gives you insight into the risk of blue-green algae.


You will receive reports on water quality. We also inform you via WhatsApp or email if targeted intervention is required to prevent blue-green algae growth.


We help you with advice and take immediate action in the event of a high-risk event.

Water quality monitoring

Blue-green algae occur in the presence of (too) many nutrients in the water and at high water temperatures. During algal blooms, the pH fluctuates between day and night.

We install a water quality sensor with a solar panel that autonomously sends data to our data center. This way, we can remotely monitor water quality in real time.

Providing insights and analysis

The analyzed data is displayed on a clear and user-friendly dashboard. This gives you insight into the measured values as well as the risk of the presence of blue-green algae.

Our dashboard tool is included in your subscription. You access your organization’s dashboard through a standard web browser and log in from there with your username and password.


Based on the data, do we see that the likelihood of blue-green algae growth is increasing? Then you will receive a timely warning and advice on what action to take to prevent intense blue-green algae growth.

Provide solutions

We start with the preventive dosing of a selection of 100% natural microorganisms that remove nutrients from the water. We bring the microorganisms into an exponential growth phase thanks to a patented booster solution. If monitoring indicates an increased risk of blue-green algae growth, we provide targeted additional dosing.