Promotion of tap water through water check

The problem

Although tap water is healthy and delicious, only 45% of Belgians drink tap water regularly. Bottled water is not only more expensive but also more harmful to the environment due to transport and packaging.

With water checks, Liquisens encourages companies and organizations to offer tap water to their employees and visitors. In this way, we want to make a positive impact on our planet.

Our solution

At participating companies, we install a smart sensor immediately after the water meter. With this, we monitor in real time various parameters for tap water quality: pH, conductivity, turbidity, redox potential and temperature.

Do we notice a (temporary) problem with the water quality? Then you will be notified and we will give you specific advice until a solution is found. Moreover, we also take an annual water sample at a consumption point, which we have analyzed in the lab.

In addition, you can count on Liquisens for personalized advice on water solutions for your business or organization, such as effervescent water solutions or additional filters.

Finally, we also share your efforts with the outside world: on, local residents and visitors will find information about the steps your organization is taking for better drinking water.

The result

Thanks to the water check, participating organizations are always aware of the quality of their tap water and can act quickly if there is a problem This allows them to offer tap water to their employees and visitors carefree.

By offering tap water, companies can also save money and reduce their carbon footprint. More and more consumers consider sustainability important. Offering tap water gives companies an extra way to highlight their corporate social responsibility. Via, Liquisens helps them make their efforts visible.