Shell C&T testifies about cooperation

Liquisens established a partnership with Shell Catalysts & Technologies in early 2021.

Using artificial intelligence (AI), Liquisens built a monitoring program for an industrial cooling tower at Shell Catalysts & Technologies to optimize existing legionella prevention. To do so, the cooling tower was equipped with sensors to measure various water quality parameters and track them online. Liquisens was able to demonstrate that the risk of legionella remained under control based on the the combination of AI, the monitored data and periodic water analyses. A motivated advice to optimize the biocide consumption and flushing process was the final piece of this mission.


The use of locker room showers was also assessed using AI. Liquisens recommended some technical modifications to the sanitary installation that greatly increased reliability. Microbiological studies confirmed that the risk of finding spores of Legionella pneumophila could be further reduced in this way.